The Project

“St.ART – The Path of Art”

Our driving idea is to relaunch the Country starting from Creativity, Art and Culture. Friuli, Italy, Europe have to find out the origin of their strength: History, Culture, Art and Creativity. We have to restructure everything, and to build is a creative action, so we need to join the creative resources of the Country to reinvent society standards, alternative economic system and activate industrial and commercial innovation. We must start from the most popular appeal of our Country. So the Idea is to organize creative resources, people, knowledge and shared tools to build a very attractive trade and tourism offer to carry capitals aboard and create Wealth.

Our aims are:

1. Safeguard child creativity giving children the opportunity and knowledge to freely express their inspirations, maintaining the habit to revolutionize the given data. Build laboratories and an asylum with an art format.

2. Create a concrete help to Creatives and Artists. Set up commerce, communication networks and job opportunities through:

  • Web presence, E-commerce website;
  • Internet Platform for Cultural Exchange, based on a two-way communication overcoming the one-way internet communication, and for Training, made by Web Conferences, Web Seminars, Web TV and Best Practices Presentations;
  • International Relationships with European Art and Culture Institutes to create the Opportunity to know each other and the own Culture, also to create the Opportunity of new Cultural Contaminations;
  • Co-working Area to collect talents (also the young creatives coming from Art Institutes);
  • work with Communication Companies needing high performances and flexible costs. We also want to propose to Companies, that inspired us, complete Projects regarding Communication, Design and Creative Development;
  • Co-working Laboratories to connect Creatives and Artists, to share expensive tools and so dividing costs, applying economies of scale on common raw materials and frameworks.

3. Create cooperation with Companies and Industrial Districts to develop new Products and Frameworks for Art.

4. Invest in solidarity: give a chance to People that can’t work at 100% for family reasons, health impaired but not totally debilitating, for disabilities that can’t overshadow talent and the ability to express inspiration.

5. Use creativity to spread the habit to the joy, because Creativity makes happy the author as well as the end user.

6. Connect companies in a system in order to recover scrap production redesigning the usability of good raw materials.

The Context of our idea is the NEED. The need to be happy is all around us, unfulfilled. The economic crisis clearly shocked the population, but is not our worst pain. The trouble is the Old System that took our breath away, because all focusing on hurry, academic smartness, 24h efficiency and cheapness. Economic recovery can not transcend the human and social recovery. Population needs to have a family, children, elderly care forecast, opportunity to work and be evaluated for what you can give and not for what you can not give, respect for sleep time, health and rest, respect of the human needs. The Response to the neglected needs of the population, after the Second World War until our days, can be found in something that has always fostered Social Cohesion, Human Solidarity and International Dialogue: Art. More, the Art sector is one of the first economic sectors that reacted to the economic crisis. In Italy the exportations of art products in 2013 exceeded those of 2007 pre-crisis. The Idea is simple and not so original in a few applications, the originality is the WILLINGNESS to create a solid System that drive good practices. The Innovation is to put CREATIVITY, ART and SHARED CULTURE in the centre of a democratic System. Give democratic spaces, opportunities and tools to a large pool of population that has been cut off from the main economic and social life. Most of all, there is the need to revaluate the strength of History and Culture, the need to become a National and a European Powerful Reality to fascinate all the World with an Integrated Offer of Arts. Beyond the Art offer, that is Unique, the Industrial Innovation in Artworks (printing, substrates, Inks, etc.) will be the Challenge to win.

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